200 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI

The event that took place in Nigeria on Tuesday Oct. 20th is heartbreaking and  a stain on our democracy. Village Restaurant stands in solidarity with the families, and communities impacted by the senseless killings and disruption of a peaceful protest. Village Restaurant always has and always will be in support of Nigerian people having access to a world where they can live without the violence or corrupt systems. 


We support those protesting for justice and equity.  We support those protesting for a Nigeria in which we can be free from an apparatus that only serves to further objectify us.   We support those fighting for a government that invests into our communities. We stand alongside all of our Nigerian family members who are fighting to simply exist. 


Village Restaurant would like to support those impacted by this violent acts and so for a limited time, we will donate 10% of your orders from our restaurant  to charity.


There are a variety of ways you can get help; donate, spread awareness, educate yourself, and support grassroots movements.  Village Restaurant is doing all of the above and I hope you join us.  



The Village Restaurant family